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hi my friends. how's your liver[s]. dropped in to wish all of you the best possible.

totally stressed started this conversation
hi my friends. how's your liver[s]. dropped in to wish all of you the best possible. things for the likes of us all just can't change in a positive manner with the shape of this country. now can it? I've always got a hard luck story. so here goes! for the last 8 years. on the 1st of December. I've swore off going out and have stayed home. kind of a self imposed incarceration. this year I decided that I had to change that kind of thoughts about my accident. so I took my grand daughter to her tumbling class. watched and enjoyed. on the way home! an unlicensed,unisured driver. ran a stop sign. of course. I hit him. I had just left the stop sign myself[it was a four way stop], and the impact did not injure anyone[thank the lord]. yet now! my vehicle that I purchased with some of the piddly sum I finally got from disability[they owed me 5 years back pay][I ended up with 2 minus the 6 month waiting period],is damaged enough. that I don't care to drive it. haven't put but 1200 miles on it now in the 6 months I've owned it. yet it is drivable. the guy was driving his girlfriends fully insured car. I struck a deal with the insurance company she used, to keep my vehicle from being totaled, due to the estimate of repairs being more than the vehicle is worth. for money for the necessary parts to fix the vehicle. my son's would due the work for me. it dragged on for months. and I was complaining to the adjuster about length of time. so finally. the adjuster called. said I was getting a letter of denial here soon. due to lack of co-operation on their insureds behalf. they couldn't reach her to take a statement from her after trying for the three months that this has taken. the had an estimate done on her car. took it back to lot she purchased it from. took her tags. and told them she no longer wanted the thing and simply left. holding her lean holder at the expense of fixing it in order to resell it. she cancelled her insurance with her carrier. and even moved from the residence where she was residing. they like ceased to exist. right? the boyfriend[40 and supposedly has never had a license]has lived in several other states[I ran his background]and who really knows where else. sound fishy to you? decent people suffer at the hands of others like this entirely too too much. I didn't have full coverage. so i'm stuck with what was once a nice older vehicle. and isn't any longer. it's hard enough to eat the struggle I've endured and live on my 1000.00 a month. now i'll go back to staying at home on the 1st of December AGAIN. an uninsured driver almost caused me to die. my settlement because of it was meager. now another uninsured driver has caused damage to my vehicle. on the same date and almost same time of day as 8 years prior. so how's your life today. mine sucks. Ozzie says OW. C-ya.
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